Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Signature Lip

My friends used to make a bet whenever we'd see each other after work- "What color is Creole's lipstick tonight?" It really depends on my mood (and what happened that day) but my pout usually revolves around these 4 colors.

Of course. I mean it's a staple, right? It's bold, it's fun and it makes you look fabulous even when you're in your uniform or in a tee and jeans. Some might be put off by a red lip but trust me when I say that there's a red lip  out there that will make you feel fabulous. I found mine in MAC Russian Red and Ever Bilena's Shade Lipstick in Fierce Ruby*. The latter one is always in my makeup bag because you never know when you're gonna need the power of the red lip.

When I saw my friend Justine sporting MAC Rebel I fell head over heels for it. It was plummy red that was deep enough to be bold but bright enough to be worn day or night. It's surprisingly wearable and everyone looks good in it. I scoured beauty counters everywhere trying to look for a dupe and, to my absolute joy, I saw Wet 'n Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy. It's almost the same, maybe just a tad bit deeper but it's a passable dupe. Another one is Ever Bilena's Shine Lipstick in Dazzling Orchid* which leans a bit more on the purple side. Another honorable mention is Lime Crime's Poisonberry which I heard is an A+ dupe for the MAC x Lorde lipstick Pure Heroine.

My very first oxblood lipstick was from Ever Bilena in Dusk which I got years before I started working for them. It was my first deep colored lipstick and it kinda set off my love for dark lippies (Read about my love affair with dark lipsticks here). They are a bit more difficult to pull off, but there's something about them that makes me feel like a total babe. Shade varies from a reddy brown to an almost bruise-y violet black. My favourites? MAC in Media* (which was my very first MAC purchase!), NARS Train Bleu (first NARS product!). These shades are not for the faint of heart. 
(Collection count: 7- ridiculous!)

The dark horse of the group. It was hard distinguishing the purples from my Dark and Berry category but then I was fairly surprised at the number of bright purple lipsticks I owned! Front runner in my collection is, of course, MAC Heroine*. This bullet (a gift from the boy), has made its rounds among my friends and a number of colleagues. This bright purple lipstick somehow transforms into a shade that suits all skin tones. Yes, you read that right- all. Even non-lipstick wearers are in love with this shade. Now, when this was released last year I had a mini panic attack because it was limited edition and sold out (the boy got the 2nd to the last piece- lucky!) so I looked around for dupes. None came quite close to Heroine's transformative power but a notable mention is Sleek's matte lipstick in Mystic. It leans more pink than Heroine but the color is gorgeous nonetheless. A great intro for anyone who wants to try a purple lip.
(Collection count: 3)

Honorable Mention: Oranges
Blame MAC Morange for my orange lip phase.

Honorable Mention: Pinks
I'm looking at you NARS Schiap

Nudes are not even in my radar as I've just recently taken a liking to them. Yes, I've been sporting a nude lip lately but that's mostly because I'm lazy and it's a safe flattering color. But if you let me a pick between an MLBB or a Goth-like pout, you can chuck that nude away and give me the dark lippie any day.


*Swatched in main photo

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