Friday, September 12, 2014


Have these bits in your beauty stash and you're good to go.

What is a beauty essential? For me, it's something that would get the job done at half the time (or cost). Something that would translate to any time, day or weather. As much as I love to faff around with my makeup, when I need to strip it down to the bare essentials, I can say that I can live off these products:

Human Nature Sunflower Oil- The back label says its a "magical elixir" and I would have to agree. I love using this as an all around moisturizer for my face (especially at night) and my hands. My skin still feels hydrated and plump without that heavy feeling night creams have. It also remains to be the best makeup remover especially for stubborn waterproof makeup (I'm looking at you Maybelline Falsies Mascara). It's great on ashy elbows and any spots that need a bit of brightening. It also needs to be said that my sister and I finish 2 bottles of this baby in a week. Insane.

Petroleum Jelly- If you still can't tell, I'm scared of getting dry skin. If I had to let go of my favourite Vaseline Lip Therapy, a tub of petroleum jelly is ok by me (they're basically the same thing tbqh). There are so many uses for this baby that it can replace majority of your skin care and beauty products. Lip balm or gloss? Check. Brow gel? Check. Highlighter? Go. Moisturizer? Why not? Still not convinced? Maybe this video will help you see the light.

Deep Red Lipstick- Never underestimate the power of a good deep red lipstick. Depending on your application it can really take you places. Dot on your lips for a sheer tint, one swipe + blot for a stain, or go all out with a really opaque, bold lip. It can also double as a cream blush to recreate a natural flush. The best way is to swirl it on the back of your hand to warm the product, tap your fingers into that swirl and apply as you would your fave cream blusher.

Brown pencil liner- Brown, not black? Shock and horror. But seriously, a creamy brown eye liner is so versatile especially if you want added definition to your face.  You can line your eyes, smudge it on your lash line for a subtle smokey eye, use lightly on your brows to fill them in. You can even use it as a cream contour for your cheeks and your nose line.

Do you have any all-rounder products you swear by? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram or the comment section below and I'll give it a go!


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  1. "Never underestimate the power of a good deep red lipstick."
    Oh amen to that! :D I'm also a fan of brown and gray pencil liners~! They're not as harsh as black ones, but get the job done. <3

    My all-rounders would be lip tints, and my brown loose eyeshadow [doubles as a light bronzer/nose-bridge shadower]. :D