Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beauty and the Geek

I am, first and foremost, a geek. So when you add  makeup into the mix, it makes for an interesting crossover.

Before I dove in head first into makeup, I was very involved in certain online geek communities called fandoms. Actually, "very involved" is an understatement- these fandoms ran my life. I lived and breathed anything that had to do with any show I was obsessed with for years, with these fandoms enabling my obssession. I would consume new material, spoilers and fan made works with much gusto. I loved my fandoms and my way of showing them would be to make something for their consumption, may it be writing, artworks and even make-up looks.

My very first (recorded) make-up look was for an online comic called Hanna is Not a Boy's Name and was inspired by an unnamed zombie. Yes, a zombie.

Holy flash!

Sometimes a color is strongly associated with a character and I roll with that. The boyfriend and I recently saw the 2nd Ruruoni Kenshin movie where the main character's hair and kimono are red:

When creating looks, particularly eye looks, it isn't just necessarily based on a particular character. I loved my shows and comics so much that I would be inspired by scenes. An example would be a series of looks I did for particular scenes from the show Sherlock.

The first one was inspired by the first scene of the first episode of Sherlock wherein the character, John Watson, was having nightmares about his time as a soldier in Afghanistan so I went for something rough and raw. In contrast, the second photo was inspired by the same character's stag night with Sherlock that involved a lot of bars, getting sloshed and getting into fights while Rhianna's "We Found Love" blares from the speakers.

For the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, that does not rely on visuals to relay a story, an "internal color" that would pop into my head whenever I listened to the show. It's an creepy and funny podcast about a strange little town called Night Vale so I thought the color purple really fit the mood of the show.

For some shows, like The Walking Dead, I even went so far as learning DIY prosthetics. My former job had a Halloween thing so I it tested out my on my office mates!A little warning for the next photo: if you're iffy about the sight of wounds and blood, please skip ahead!

My latest look was inspired by the return of Doctor Who, a British sci-fi tv series that involves an alien that travels through time and space in a blue police box:

There you have it, a little compilation of my make up love letter to my fandoms. I hope you had fun having a little look-see at the looks I've created for not just the shows and series, but also for the people that make up these fandoms ( HA. Geddit?). I look forward to more things that will inspire me in the future. :)


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